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Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

In early April I observed what appears to be widespread disease of Arbutus trees (Arbutus menziesii) on the island. Leaf blight is a known factor affecting Arbutus trees; but I wonder if other factors such as climate change may also be contributing to what is perceived as a general decline of the species.

John Dyck
Arbutus trees
Arbutus trees

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Vancouver Island Arbutus Stress and Decline

/ 21 Jun 2018 / Rae Costain

Arbutus menziesii also known as Pacific Madrone Tree is a striking work of nature. It is the only broad-leafed evergreen tree in Canada and thrives in open, rocky outcrops near the ocean and occasionally in deeper soils in forest openings. In undisturbed habitat, Arbutus is extremely hardy, withstanding drought, extreme wind, poor nutrients, and wildfires.

Arbutus menziesii

Gabriola Island