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1 October 2015 / Georgia Straight / Martin Dunphy

Are Vancouver's recent Gray Whale sightings the start of regular seasonal visits?

Stanley Park Seawall, British Columbia, Canada

Tuesday’s (September 29) sighting of a gray whale swimming and possibly feeding right off the Stanley Park Seawall brings recent sightings up to three in that area. It isn’t clear if it is the same whale or different whales in the widely reported incidents since August 12. One whale, perhaps the same animal each time, was observed for days in the same area in English Bay, sometimes travelling into Burrard Inlet and off West Vancouver’s Ambleside Beach.

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Gray Whale (Eschrichtius robustus) from the Stanley Park Seawall (Georgia Straight Vancouver's News & Entertainment Weekly (http://www.straight.com/files/v3/images/15/10/shutterstock_97757105.jpg)