LEO Network

Climate change and the impacts on snow, ski areas and the culture of skiing.

Location: Ski Country

Description: This project includes observations of unusual snow and weather conditions from the ski community based on local expertise and knowledge.These may include changes in snow quantity and quality, seasonality, trail and hill conditions, mountain or trail environments and impacts from climate change. Project emphasis is on understanding environmental changes effecting snow communities, raising awareness, and seeking effective adaptation strategies that helps to keep our sport, pastimes, and the ski culture alive.

Funding: Open Invitation

Partners: Pending

Observing Guidance: Skiers, riders and jumpers are invited to use the LEO Network website, or (on the trail/hill/slopes) the LEO Reporter App, to post observations about unusual environmental conditions related to skiing and the skiing environment. Photos and video clips are also encouraged as well as descriptions about the nature of change, significance, impacts and adaptations.

Source Data: LEO Network

Outputs: Observations may be published and added to LEO Map.

Project Updates: See paper by APU Student Natasha Mattoon, *Snow Decline Impacts on Ski Jumping".


See National Snow and Ice Data Center

See National Snow Analyses from NOAA

See ski resort stats and conditions around the world at On the Snow

Anchorage highschool students Canyon Tobin and Luke Jaeger race on manmade snow at Kinkaid Park.
Mike and Copper back country skiing at Mt. Manitoba in the Chugach Mountains
Photo by Dan Fillipi
Snow boarding the deep stuff
USA Team Member Nick Mattoon
Photo by Nathanial Mah

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