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Mertarvik, Alaska, United States

Storms can bring a bounty to the beach - driftwood sometimes or in this case, clams! But be careful out there. There are new concerns about emerging levels of harmful algae in Western Alaska waters, which could impact shellfish and human health.

Average Sea Surface Temperature Departure from Normal, Summer 2022
R. Thoman

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Alaska HAB Network - Harmful Algal Bloom

The Alaska Harmful Algal Bloom Network (AHAB) provides a statewide approach to HAB awareness, research, monitoring, and response in Alaska.

SEATOR - Southeast Alaska Tribal Ocean Research

/ 18 Jun 2021

Weekly phytoplankton data is collected at each SEATOR site and uploaded to the SoundToxins database. Once the Tribes begin sampling shellfish for toxins ...

Domoic acid

Paralytic shellfish poisoning