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Kongiganak, Alaska, United States

The tomcod harvests in the Kongiganak, Cavuuneq and Ilkivik Rivers have been a failure. Also in other areas, based on observations from Chevak and Chefornak. Both the surface and bottom trawl results show a clear decline in tomcod biomass in the North Bering Sea.

Tomcod Harvest Failure Observations, November 2021
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Saffron Cod captured near Kaktovik, Alaska
(Credit: Vanessa von Biela, USGS. Public domain.)
Tomcod fishing, November 2021 in Kivalina, Alaska
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2021 NOAA Surface Trawl Survey Data
Jim Murphy Presentation - Partnering For New Data - Strait Science November 11, 2021

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Kongiganak, Alaska