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6 July 2023 / Известия

Quarantine for bird flu was re-established in Syktyvkar

Vychegda River, Russia

In Syktyvkar and Syktyvdin of the Komi Republic, quarantine for bird flu was reintroduced. The decree on the establishment of restrictive measures in certain territories of the Syktyvdinsky district and Syktyvkar was signed by the head of the republic, Vladimir Uyba. Quarantine has been in effect since July 5.The focus of bird flu was the territory of the rural settlement "Zelenets" of the Syktyvdinsky district. The hearth is located on the banks of the Vychegda River, opposite the village of Koytybozh.The place is forbidden to visit outsiders, except for specialists and local residents. The import, export and slaughter of birds are prohibited in this territory.

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